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5 Ways to Help Veneers Last Longer

June 23, 2023

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Plenty of celebrities use veneers to enhance their smiles, and you can do the same. From misshapen teeth to minor chips in the enamel, veneers can be used to solve all kinds of cosmetic issues. However, once they are in place, you need to take proper care of them to ensure that they last as long as possible. Fortunately, this is simpler than you might think – especially if you follow these 5 helpful tips from your knowledgeable dentist.

1. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Veneers might cover your teeth, but they don’t significantly lower your risk for cavities. You will still need to brush, floss, and rinse every day if you want to avoid tooth decay. That said, it’s important to be gentle when cleaning your veneers; you may end up damaging them if you brush too aggressively. Your dentist can go over proper oral hygiene practices with you once your veneers are in place.

2. Invest in the Right Kind of Toothpaste

Some brands of toothpaste contain abrasive ingredients to break up plaque. However, abrasive toothpaste is generally not a good choice if you have veneers since it can easily scratch the porcelain surface. Take the time to look for toothpaste that won’t leave a mark on your new smile.

3. Think Carefully About the Foods You Eat

You need to avoid putting too much pressure on your veneers, as doing so could cause them to crack. As such, it is highly recommended that you stay away from peppermints, ice, unpopped popcorn kernels, and other hard foods.

It’s also important to be aware of foods and beverages that can stain teeth. Veneers that are made out of porcelain don’t become discolored easily, but any uncovered teeth will be just as susceptible as ever. If your other teeth change color, your veneers might start to stand out in a way you don’t want. Staining foods and drinks don’t have to be avoided entirely, but they’re best enjoyed in moderation.

4. Don’t Use Tobacco

You probably don’t need to be reminded about the negative effects tobacco can have on your health, but it can also lead to cosmetic consequences. Using tobacco can eventually cause yellow stains to appear on your veneers, leaving you once again with a smile that looks less than its best. You’ll have a better chance of maintaining dazzling veneers if you break your tobacco habit.

5. Don’t Forget to Visit Your Dentist

Are your veneers still in good shape? Are there any issues that need to be taken care of? Only a trained dental professional can answer these questions, so be sure to make time to visit your dentist every 6 months to let them have a look at your veneers.

About the Author

Dr. Rashpal Deol started his dental career in India. Now that he has moved to the United States, he is focused on bringing his patients in San Ramon a variety of high-quality treatments. He can improve the aesthetics of your smile with custom-crafted veneers. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Deol at Oak Ridge Dental, visit his website or call (925) 735-6190.

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