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Wisdom Tooth Extraction – San Ramon, CA

Protecting Your Smile by Removing Your Third Molars

The wisdom teeth aren’t necessary for your mouth to function correctly, so if they seem to be causing serious problems, it’s best to have them removed by an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Is there anyone in your family who still has their wisdom teeth or is expecting to get their wisdom teeth soon? If so, we recommend calling our office in the near future; our reliable Oak Ridge Dental team members can determine whether or not an extraction is truly needed.

Why Choose Oak Ridge Dental for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

What are Wisdom Teeth?

X-ray showing impacted wisdom teeth in San Ramon, CA

“Wisdom teeth” is another name for your third molars, which are the last set of teeth to erupt in your mouth. Compared to your other permanent teeth, the wisdom teeth tend to emerge much later – often between the ages of 17 and 21. It should be noted that not everyone has the exact same number of wisdom teeth. Most have four while others only have one to three, and some might not have any in the first place.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Illustration of impacted wisdom tooth in San Ramon, CA

If your wisdom teeth have been able to erupt successfully and aren’t causing any problems, it may be okay for you to keep them. That being said, a wisdom tooth extraction may be required if:

What to Expect from the Wisdom Teeth Procedure

Three extracted wisdom teeth lying next to dental instruments

Fully erupted wisdom teeth can sometimes be removed via a simple extraction. This procedure involves loosening the tooth in question with a dental elevator before carefully taking it out of the mouth with forceps.

However, impacted wisdom teeth generally require a surgical extraction. The gums will need to be opened so that the teeth in question can be removed. Depending on the circumstances, the teeth may be divided into sections that are taken out one at a time.

Recovering from Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Male dental patient with denim jacket sitting and smiling

Once your wisdom tooth extraction is complete, you should carefully follow any aftercare instructions that our team gives you so that the recovery process stays on track. Be sure to:

Understanding the Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Young woman in dental chair smiling at dentist

Once we have determined that a wisdom tooth extraction is the right choice for your smile, one of the first things you’ll likely want to know is how much the procedure will cost. There’s no single universal answer to this question since there are several factors to take into account. No matter what the final price looks like, though, our team is ready to help make the care that your smile needs as affordable as possible.

Factors That Can Impact the Cost of Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Illustration of impacted wisdom tooth in San Ramon, CA

When figuring out what the cost of your wisdom tooth extraction will look like, we will take a look at the following variables:

  • The Number of Teeth Involved: Many patients will have all four wisdom teeth extracted at once. However, some individuals elect to only have one or two teeth removed during a single procedure, and others may not even have four wisdom teeth to begin with. Figuring out the number of teeth being taken out is crucial for determining how much the overall process will cost.
  • The Complexity of the Procedure: If your wisdom teeth are impacted, it will be more difficult (and therefore more costly) for our team to remove them.
  • Sedation: Do you need to have some type of dental sedation performed to help you stay calm and comfortable during your wisdom tooth extraction? If so, the chosen method of sedation will carry its own cost.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

Close-up of dental insurance benefits claim form

Dental insurance can make a variety of dental procedures more affordable, but it’s important to be aware of the specifics of your plan. We suggest reviewing your benefits to see what coverage is available for wisdom tooth extractions. Many insurance companies will be willing to pay 50% to 80% of the total cost of the procedure, with the exact level of coverage depending on factors such as whether the teeth in question are impacted.

If you have any questions about your dental insurance coverage and how you can use your benefits to pay for your wisdom tooth extraction, our team is here to help. Additionally, if there are any claims that need to be filed, our team will handle them so that you have one less thing to worry about.

How to Make Wisdom Tooth Extractions Affordable

Female patient leaning back in chair and smiling

While we do take a number of dental insurance plans, we also want to make sure that uninsured patients still have options when it comes to paying for their care. As such, we do offer financing, allowing you to sign up for an affordable payment plan that can reduce much of the strain on your bank account. If you would like to learn more about the financing options available at our practice, you can reach out to us today or talk to our team about it the next time you visit us.

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