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Can You Reline Your Dentures on Your Own?

November 22, 2023

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Close-up of holding dentures for lower jaw

At some point, you may realize that your dentures no longer fit properly. Typically, the solution is to have the prosthesis relined by a dental expert. However, some people attempt to make the necessary adjustments to their dentures on their own in an effort to save money. Is this truly a good idea, or should you stick to seeing a professional? Here’s what you need to know if you have been struggling with ill-fitting dentures recently.

What is Denture Relining, and Why Is It Necessary?

Denture relining is the process of adding material to your dentures in order to help them fit properly. This process can often be handled by your regular dentist, but if major adjustments are required, your dentures may have to be sent to a laboratory for the necessary changes.

Even if your dentures fit perfectly when you first get them, they may eventually need to be relined due to changes in your jaw. When your natural teeth are missing, the jawbone no longer receives the stimulation that would normally be provided by your tooth roots. As a result, the bone will start to degenerate. This can affect the shape of your mouth until you reach the point where your dentures no longer fit correctly.

So, Can You Reline Your Dentures by Yourself?

While you technically do have the option of trying to reline your dentures on your own, doing so is not recommended. There are many risks associated with the DIY relining approach:

  • There’s a chance that you could end up permanently damaging your dentures.
  • An improperly relined denture might lead to problems in your bite, which in turn could result in jaw pain and other unpleasant side effects.
  • You may find that it’s more difficult to chew your food with improperly relined dentures.
  • In some cases, poor relining can affect the appearance of your dentures, causing them to look strangely angled when you wear them.

In short, it’s better to leave denture relining to a professional who has been trained to do the job and can be relied on to deliver high-quality results. Furthermore, in some cases it may be better to simply have your dentures replaced entirely; a dentist can help you figure out whether or not a relining is truly the best option in your case.

Do you suspect that you might need to have your dentures relined soon? Get in touch with your dentist today to schedule a consultation; the sooner your prosthesis has been adjusted, the sooner you will be able to go back to enjoying the benefits of a complete smile.

About the Author

Dr. Rashpal Deol is a proud member of the American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and other organizations. He has been extensively trained in many different dental specialties. He is always happy for the chance to help his patients restore their smiles with customized dentures. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Deol at Oak Ridge Dental in San Ramon, visit his website or call (925) 735-6190.

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