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How Can You Benefit from Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry?

March 22, 2024

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Close-up of hand holding a soft tissue laser

The technology that your dentist uses affects the quality of the care that you receive. A prime example of this is soft tissue lasers, which are being adopted by more and more dental offices in order to perform a wide variety of procedures. Does your dentist use a soft tissue laser? If so, your smile could end up benefiting in a number of ways. Below is a brief look at soft tissue laser dentistry and the advantages it offers.

What is a Soft Tissue Laser, and How Does Your Dentist Use It?

You’re likely familiar with the concept of a laser: a highly focused beam of light energy. A soft tissue laser, as its name suggests, is designed for treatments involving soft tissues inside your mouth. In particular, it is typically used to get rid of the parts of the tissue that are contributing to oral health problems.

Many dentists use soft tissue lasers in order to treat gum disease. Not only can the laser help remove unhealthy gum tissue, but it can also kill the bacteria that caused the infection in the first place. Additionally, soft tissue lasers are useful for performing various types of oral surgery that involve the gums.

What are the Benefits of Soft Tissue Lasers?

Why are soft tissue lasers increasingly being used in place of traditional scalpels? For one thing, lasers are very precise. This helps your dentist ensure that the healthy parts of your mouth are left intact while only the problematic tissue is removed.

On top of that, many patients who are generally anxious or afraid of visiting the dentist often prefer having necessary treatments performed with soft tissue lasers. The instrument is very quiet, which can make it easier to relax in the dental chair. Additionally, the lasers used for dentistry are so gentle that a local anesthetic may not even be necessary to keep you comfortable.

You’re also likely to notice a significant difference in the aftermath of a treatment where a soft tissue laser was used. The energy from the laser can immediately seal off blood vessels, which reduces the amount of bleeding at the end of the procedure. This helps contribute to shorter healing times.

In summary, soft tissue lasers allow dentists to provide more accurate, comfortable treatments for their patients. Needless to say, this is good news for your smile as well as your overall dental experience. If you ever need to undergo a procedure where a soft tissue laser will be used, you can rest assured that it’s the right choice for your grin.

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