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Your Dentist in San Ramon Reveals Dental Habits You Should Never Skip

June 3, 2018

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Woman brushing her teeth. It may be easy to skip your evening brushing and flossing, especially after a long day when you’re tired and ready to climb into bed. However, it’s important to stay consistent with these and other dental habits in order to protect your oral health. Your dentist in San Ramon explains why these routines are important for not only your oral health, but also your overall health and well-being.


Helpful Tips for Eliminating Bad Breath From Your Dentist in San Ramon

May 12, 2018

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Man covering his mouth. Bad breath, or halitosis can quickly become a problem without you even realizing it. Since it’s a topic that’s embarrassing to discuss, many people will just shy away from you without telling you why, and people may find you unapproachable. The good news is that there are solutions and your dentist in San Ramon can help!


The Importance of Making an Oral Cancer Screening Part of Your Regular Routine

April 13, 2018

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Smiling woman in the dental chairWhen you hear about cancer, oral cancer doesn’t typically top the list. However, this type of cancer is actually responsible for one death every hour in America, 24 hours each day. Oral cancer also has a high rate of reoccurrence, which means if a patient survives their first encounter with it, they are 20 times more likely to get it again in the future. Shockingly, these numbers have not really improved over the years. Your dentist in San Ramon explains how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from oral cancer.


Dental Implants: The Best Option for Tooth Replacement

March 11, 2018

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Image of a dental implant.A tooth that is failing or already missing greatly affects your quality of life. Chewing and eating the foods you would normally enjoy is now difficult, and sometimes even painful, while talking with others feels embarrassing. Your compromised tooth has taken a toll on both your nutrition and self-esteem. A dental implant is an excellent solution for missing or failing teeth, and your dentist in San Ramon explains why.


Understanding the Link Between Periodontal Disease and Heart Health

February 5, 2018

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Woman having dental examination.As we gather more information about the links between oral health and overall health, it becomes even clearer how important it is to maintain your oral health with regular visits to your dentist. We can now see a direct link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. Your dentist in San Ramon explains the important information you should know about your periodontal health and heart disease.


How to Recognize the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

January 4, 2018

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Woman waking up with a headache.You find yourself dragging at work again. These days it takes an espresso in the afternoon to get you through your day. Chronic fatigue is affecting not only your personal life, but also your job as you completely forgot a report the other day. You sleep at night, so you’re not sure why you are so tired throughout the day. Did you know that you might be suffering from sleep apnea in San Ramon? Here are some of the symptoms to be aware of.


The Benefits of CEREC Technology in San Ramon

November 5, 2017

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Smiling woman in the dental chair. Hearing that you need a crown sends you immediately into a panic! The last time you had a crown done it took weeks to complete and required at least four visits since your temporary crown not only fell off, but also broke. You don’t have time to fit all those appointments into your schedule during this busy time of year; however, your tooth is starting to hurt, so this treatment is important. CEREC in San Ramon may be the solution you’re looking for and here’s why.


Don’t Waste Your Dental Insurance

October 14, 2017

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smiling familyGo ahead—take a look at your calendar. We’ll wait. Hard to believe that 2017 is almost over and 2018 is just around the corner. Before you ring in the New Year, be sure to make good use of the benefits on your dental insurance plan. The only thing they’ll be doing to celebrate the New Year is expiring. Not good for you or your smile. Dental insurance is designed to help you and your family reap the rewards of a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile, but only if you take full advantage of your benefits.


High Sugar Intake Leads to Higher Dental Costs: Your Dentist in San Ramon Explains

September 20, 2017

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Woman battling sugary foods. Sugar. Your dentist in San Ramon will tell you to limit your intake, however, it’s a hard substance to avoid when it can be found hidden in the food and drinks we consume on a daily basis. The amount of sugar you eat or drink is important to be aware of because it affects not only our bodies, but also our oral health. Studies are showing that it also affects your wallet because the need for dentistry is increasing as our sugar intake increases.


Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Regular Visits With Your Dentist in San Ramon

August 29, 2017

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Routine visits with your dentist in San Ramon help you achieve and maintain optimum oral health.Your alarm goes off and immediately your mind starts to review your schedule for the day. Meetings and a dental appointment are on your agenda. Why do dental appointments always fall during your busiest time at work? Perhaps you should cancel, you just don’t have time for the dentist today. Wait! Before you cancel that appointment, here’s why your routine visits with your dentist in San Ramon are so important.


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